Taking the Time to Do it Right

As a course writer, I create, write, and edit so many courses a year. So I know the intricate details that it entails. I am also very familiar with the marketing that is required when you are selling a course. 

But, for some odd reason, I thought it would be easier if I pushed out a digital product of my own, which is not quite a course by the way. But it hasn’t been easy at all. 

Launch Your Course the Right Way

I realized as I found myself running around trying to meet deadlines that I had set for myself that I was putting the cart before the horse. So, I decided to share some pointers that I gave to myself to implement as I restart this mini webinar series launch:- 

  1. Pitch the idea of your course or digital product on a platform with the biggest influence and target audience following 
  2. Create a free incentive that will allow you to test your course idea more in-depth (at the very least you will need a content outline to pull this off)
  3. Gather feedback from the participators of the free incentive and attendee details  (market research) 
  4. Pitch a course presale to those that are interested from that attending group and the most sensible platform of choice. 
  5. If you can pay for the investment to create the course at minimum from the presale profits create the course in-depth otherwise satisfy the needs of the presale buyers by providing them specific content of their interest (customized individual experiences that way no one feels cheated or ripped off ) 

Slow Down 

Now, there are plenty of steps that need to be taken in between these steps that I have given you, but this is the synopsis. It’s crunch time and we are all trying to rush and finish achieving the goals that we set out to accomplish before the year ends. But we have to slow down and do it right.

It’s better to launch your course later than lose money launching it on time! Be very mindful and careful not to put deadlines before quality. 

If you are sitting on content, or you already have a course that didn’t do well go ahead and book your consultation with me so that we can create some content creation strategies that will help you make the money you invested back and then some! 

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