4 Brilliant Ways To Improve Your Branding Strategy

 Identity And Reputation

You hear it all the time branding is the heartbeat of your business. You need proper branding to convey your business’s image and vision. Your audience is looking for you to portray your mission, services, and value in a visually pleasing way. Unconsciously they associate well put together visuals with credibility and professionalism. When I first started my business I knew that branding was important but the thought of it quickly became overwhelming as I did not have much money or creative ideas to set myself apart from the masses. It is kind of like when you buy a car, when it is parked on the lot it seems like the most exclusive car there but, soon as you pull it off of that lot everywhere you turn you see the car that you bought. Frustrating right? I can’t fully take the pain and difficulty out of branding but I can say that these 4 tips can help you navigate through those winding roads. 

A simple mock up giving me a visual of what. my logo looks like on other objects

Before you start implementing any of these tips that I am soon to introduce I highly suggest that you make a branding identity mockup first. This mockup will include visuals of your logo on buildings, products, websites and etc. Creating a vision for yourself is the most important thing that you can do before dishing out a ton of money towards this project. 

My family blog’s mockup

You need to see your brand and fall in love with it long before someone else does. Seeing your brand in different settings ultimately shows you the bigger picture. Letters By Reesi specializes in bringing your vision to life. We can create mockups for you that fuel you to share your love and vision with the world! After you have created your mockup it is time to implement a killer strategy to advertise your branding identity and strengthen your reputation.

1.Social Media Post Branding

Who is your business crush?

 Go on their Social media profiles and study how they brand themselves. Some businesses are more focused on cohesive and consistent content while others are focused on a specific theme. There are thousands of ways to make a statement your job is to make sure that it is made, and made well! I like to use a mixture of strategies sort of like a recipe. Being that I am a virtual assistant and I make a living by conveying others’ brand I like to experiment within my business for harmless practice so that I can offer my clients proven strategies #1 rule of thumb is to be true to you in your branding strategy. Customers honor transparency. 94% of customers are likely to show loyalty to a brand that offers complete transparency.

. Using the color theory of your logo is a great way to advertise your brand. Illustrating your personality with humorous, informative, motivating, or controversial posts are also great strategies to use. Tailoring these posts by adding your logo and brand colors to them puts the icing on the cake!

2.Branded Email Signatures

This is not something I want to harp on because it is very simple. A standard email signature has your name, company name, your role within the company (CEO or Vice President for instance), and contact information. Adding a logo or a picture puts that razzle-dazzle spin on it that your future clients may actually LOVE! Remember this is your business don’t think too much about how to do things before you decide what you want. The best part about entrepreneurship is that you can make everything your own! Some to look into are: Wisestamp which is a paid service and Chrome extension CloudHQ which is a free service. 

3. Branded Invoices

Okay so, how do you bill your clients? Hopefully, you are using a trackable method like Zelle, Paypal, HoneyBook, or some other efficient way. Many of these apps allow you to customize your invoices by adding your logo and or a simple signature. I got the idea from another reputable company Coninja that I work with and receive services from. Hey, if you see something that is working for someone else and you like it, do it! Don’t reinvent the wheel, everything doesn’t have to be a “self-discovery”. By the way, out of curiosity, drop your preferred invoicing method in the comments. I’d love to know what you are using to get paid and stay organized!

4. Watermarked Documents

If it came from me you will know it because my logo will be on it. I am still working out the quirks on this one but. In my line of business, I require a lot of rough drafts, proposals, contracts, and other documents. I am always sure to use my brand colors on the header and footer of these documents at the bare minimum to add a bit of “customization” to the client’s experience! If you do not have a watermark version of your logo you should really consider getting one that way you can ensure that none of your unpaid work is stolen or misused. If you ever get a funny feeling when you are sharing services, products, or anything with a client that has not paid yet this is a solution for you. Not only does it give off a more legit feel for your client which is great branding advertising but, it protects you! 

If any of these methods seem foreign to you leave a comment below I would be happy to assist you in implementing these tips in your business! Speak to you soon!


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La’Risa Wilson, a published author, and editor has been writing and editing for over eight years. She started Letters By Reesi, a small business that provides writing and editing services for entrepreneurs and creatives. La’Risa mostly concentrates on developing impactful digital products for coaches, consultants, and influencers. She is passionate about encouraging and teaching women how to thrive financially by turning their gifts and passions into residual income.

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