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4 Easy Ways to Get Booked to Capacity

I am in a few Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, coaches, and women bosses. One of the most frequent complaints that I see is “I can’t find any clients”! I see it so much that I thought I’d bring the conversation to the blog just in case you’re struggling to get booked to capacity!

 Less promoting and more networking

I will tell you right off the bat, trends and fads waiver but old school “word of mouth” will never disappoint you. I can‘t tell you how many of my clients heard about me before they booked me. 

It gives me merited trust, rapport, and an organic first impression. While we all are focused on growing our social media presence and promoting our services there is more impact in showing than telling. Your potential clients want to experience the value that you bring to the table before they spend a dollar. The “Look at me” approach is starting to get played out try the “let me help you because I care” approach. You need to network and start answering people’s questions. That will help you build a following quicker than bragging ever will.

The service or product should sell itself

Want to know why I am often booked to capacity? It’s because I am a damn good writer and I create a SUPERB and intimate customer experience. What do you offer? There are times where the “fake it till you make it” approach is necessary but in business, it does not. Be transparent about your service and product. Your true audience will choose you as long as whatever you offer fulfills a need or solves a problem. Don’t misunderstand me we all learn as we go but, it isn’t wise to promote something that you can not deliver. Stop looking for people to take chances on you and finally take a chance on yourself! 

Expect resistance

Entrepreneurship and the creative lane is a fast one. It is not easy to keep up so brace yourself. Don’t fool yourself this is not… easy – working for yourself is 100% harder than a regular job. When you are first starting off you are the front and back office. There is always something to learn even if you aren’t a newbie. We all are forever growing. If you arent attracting clients maybe you stopped growing… think about it.

 Stop working for free!

“I want a client that wants to penny pinch and complain about my prices,” SAID NO ONE EVER! I don’t care who you are newbie, intermediate, or expert don’t offer free work. You are worth much more than that. Ever heard the saying: “You get what you pay for” believe it or not your client thinks that. Consider this truth when you set your prices or work for less than your services are worth. 

Be authentic and easy to reach

I can spot a phony a mile away. Contrary to popular beliefs every trend and challenge is not meant for you to participate in. If it does not align with your core beliefs, business goals, and “gut” don’t do it. I know it’s tempting and in your mind, you may feel like this is the only way to attract clients but believe me when I say, “it’s all in your head”. Be real, be you, and stop hiding behind generic marketing tactics. Get a website or Link Tree asap! Clients are not going to spend a lot of time trying to find you when there are hundreds of people that offer the same thing that you do…except they are easier to find. A website shows your style, solidifies credibility, makes an impression, and shows the client that you have invested in your brand enough to make their experience pleasant and seamless.

As you know there are a million things that you could do to attract clients that are specific to your industry and brand but these four suggestions will lead you in the right direction. Schedule a consultation to get tailored advice on getting booked to capacity.

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