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5 Boundaries You Need to Succeed in Business

We believe that to be successful we always have to be available. 

That’s why people accept all opportunities, take all calls, answer emails in 24 hours, and engage with online customers non-stop. Attempting to do everything will leave you too tired to do anything meaningful. 

To achieve success, you need to set boundaries. Establishing boundaries will ensure that your relationships remain intact and that you don’t suffer burnout.

Firm Business Hours

If you run your business from home, as I do, the lines between work and the rest of your life are often blurred. So, setting boundaries on your time can be challenging. A good way to go about setting boundaries on your time is sticking to specific work hours. 

A  study by Gallup indicated that 39% of small business owners worked over 50 hours a week. Small business owners are also likely to be under a lot of pressure whether they have employees or not.

Choosing to work at specific hours will convey to your clients and employees when you are available and discourage them from contacting you when you are spending time with your family.

I would like to encourage you to take days or hours off when you don’t work. During your off days, turn off all notifications on your phones. Once a year, take several weeks off. Take a vacation and don’t bring your laptop! 

Taking time off will feed your soul without thinking about work. If you don’t set these business hours, clients and employees will think that it’s okay to text you at any time.

Decide What Work You Will Not Take On

When we are new in business, we tend to accept all work because we have bills to pay. But at some point, you need to start setting boundaries knowing what work you are going to say no to. 

For example, you can say no to what you do not have the expertise to do. Also, reject work that goes against your values.

Keep the Trolls Away

You don’t want your online platforms to be a place where people come to argue, insult others, or use racist language. To keep away trolls, set boundaries that relate with strangers that you interact with online.

Memorize some standard responses to use when you are taken aback by comments. If people cross your boundaries, delete and block them.

Choose Whom to Work With

Most of us have ideal target clients, but have you decided who you won’t work with?

Write a list of people with whom you would like to work with. Write another one of those you cannot help with your services. Writing a list of people you don’t want to work with, allows you to recognize these people and say no to the wrong customers. 

Protect Your Energy

If you are working with customers, it is very easy to get drained. So, it’s very important to protect your energy. You can do this by resting and having business hours where you can turn things off if you are busy. 


Are you constantly exhausted as a business owner? Share your experiences in the comment section below. Tell us what steps you have taken to maintain your sanity.

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