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Onboarding: Create a Positive First Impression on New Employees

As an employer you’ll probably spend weeks or months planning, reviewing, and interviewing job applicants. When you finally find the perfect hire, make sure they stick around long enough for you to achieve a return on investment.

One of the most effective ways of retaining workers is by taking them through an onboarding or orientation process. During onboarding, an employer physically, emotionally, and professionally incorporates an employee into the operations and culture of the workplace.

Unfortunately, around 88% of business owners do not have an onboarding process, studies show. When they hire an employee, they need them to start working immediately. 

I’d urge you to put in place an effective orientation process as you may never get a second chance to make a first impression on employees.

Letters By Reesi can help you create an onboarding process. With an effective process, you will experience lasting benefits from your new employee.  

Welcome Employees

I’ve been there before -that first day on the new job. I would feel excited, yet nervous.  What do I wear? What do I bring? Will the boss like me? It’s exhausting.

Make it easier for your employees by taking them through an orientation process. Orientation will introduce them to your organization, make them feel welcome, and build a company culture where everyone feels like they belong to the group.  Onboarding also demonstrates the unique characteristics when the employees are most likely to be receptive.

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

It is quite common to hear employees complaining about other team members not doing their job properly. As a result of this, the workers have to do a lot of rework or duplicate tasks.

To nip this problem in the bud, clarify fundamental expectations and answer any questions that the new hire might have during the onboarding process. This will bring employees up to speed and shorten their time to perform.

However, do not trick anyone into doing something that they didn’t sign up for. Make sure that your communications are transparent to boost employer-employee relationships.

Employee Compliance

With regulators and auditors increasing their vigilance,  all organizations should employ a standardized approach to compliance paperwork. You, too, want to be prepared to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

To stay safe, introduce an onboarding process that will promote employee compliance. During onboarding, be sure to explain to new hires what regulations they need to follow. This will set the tone of the employees’ experience in the workplace, what kind of conduct is expected, and how to interact with customers.

Increases Productivity

How to increase employee productivity is a hot topic in the business world.  My suggestion for you is to train workers when they join your company.

When employees go through an onboarding process, they will become an asset to your organization.  You will help them expand their knowledge, learn about the work culture, and understand what you expect from them.

What’s more, employee turnover will decrease by 82% if you take new hires through an onboarding process, according to Glassdoor.

Retaining employees will help you save money because employee turnover can be expensive. In addition to paying for job ads or recruiters, other employees might need to pick up the slack. This will ultimately drain the organization of time, energy, and resources.

We Can Help

While creating an onboarding process might be tedious, it’s not rocket science. All you need to do is to treat new hires like people, not machines or just checking off compliance requirements.  For help in setting up an effective onboarding process, contact Letters By Reesi.

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