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A Quick Guide to Setting Boundaries In Business

Most people don’t want to seem like they are slacking off. So, they tend to work non-stop even if their health suffers.

 If this seems like you, this short guide will help you set boundaries.  Boundaries will help you achieve work/life balance and maintain your well-being.

Work Hard in The Beginning

When you are establishing your business, you might need to work non-stop in the first and second years. At this phase, you should be hustling to get clients, and doing everything that you can to build yourself.

After the second year, you can establish the boundaries. For example, you may choose not to work on weekends anymore. You can also choose when to start working and when to stop, say from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Become Clear on What Boundaries You Need 

Sometimes we become frustrated when we keep encountering toxic situations.

When I started my business, I had problems setting boundaries. As a result, I had people contact me at odd hours. I kept working even when I should have been spending time with my family.

When my personal life started to suffer, I made up my mind on what boundaries I needed to set and why. I then communicated these boundaries to my clients. This made it clear when it was okay for them to contact me.

Set Boundaries When Hiring New Employees

The best time to set boundaries is when you are hiring new employees or taking on new clients. This will set a precedent for what is expected in this working relationship.

But most of us are already in these working relationships without healthy boundaries. If you are in such a situation, you simply need to communicate your needs. 

How to Set Boundaries

Tell the people what you expect so that they have an opportunity to respect this. 

Let’s say you have a client who expects you to answer their call over the weekends because that is what you have been doing. In this case, make a deliberate choice to take client calls at specific times and days. Then clearly express this to your employees and your clients. 

You can say, “I love this project and I’ve been looking forward to work on it. I’m going to hop on it Monday morning.” If you assume that people understand your limits, they will continue to call or text you after work hours.

Do Not Put Pressure on Yourself

If you feel the need to be a top performer, you have to own it and decide that you are not going to do this anymore- even if you are in an industry where overworking is common.

Bottom line

At times we don’t want to say no to people because we think they will take their business elsewhere.So, we end up saying yes only to resent the fact that we said yes later. This is why many of us have problems setting boundaries. 

This guide will help you to work hard and consistently without letting work interfere with your life or causing health problems.

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