Why Spending Money On Branding & Graphic Design Is Powerful

Yes, it is worth spending a lot of money on branding graphic design because first impressions are everything.

The appearance of a brand influences perceptions of value and customer emotion. And when the branding is cohesive, it will build loyalty.

If you are anything like me, you will pick a product just because of what it looks like- especially when you have a huge variety to choose from. That’s why it’s important to spend a little bit more on branding graphic design to get it right.

If you need help creating a brand, contact us for advice. We will work with a graphic designer to create a visually appealing brand for you and your audience. This includes creating a strong visual identity that includes a logo, colors, images, and text. I discuss the importance of these elements below.

Create the best logo for your brand

A logo is the cornerstone of your design as it affects the color that you will use for all other branding elements, such as colors, text, and images.

Something as simple as a logo’s shape can affect a consumer’s perception of the company.

For example, if a company has a circular logo, consumers see it as soft and perceive the organization as being sensitive. But if it has an angular logo, the company is seen as “hard”.

A professional will help you create a logo that reflects your mission.  They will also design a sharp and high-quality logo that is big enough for any project. That way, you can use the logo on print material, such as business cards and writing pads, or a huge advert on a billboard.  Using a blurry or poorly designed logo will negatively impact your brand.

The right color will make a strong impression

Spending more money on graphic design will help you settle on colors that elicit a positive reaction from your target audience. Different colors impact people differently. For example,  most top brands use blue because it is calm and associated with confidence, security, and trust.

A professional will also help you avoid mistakes like choosing colors that vibrate or overwhelm your design.  Once you settle on a color, make sure you consistently use it across multiple platforms to make a strong impression.

Graphic Design

You’ve probably heard this before- a picture is worth a thousand words. Every photo, graphic, icon and button will shape the way your brand is perceived.

It is worth spending a little more on taking photos that feature genuine people. Avoid using common stock photos for your social media pages or website because they will not showcase your personality as a company.

Also, using pictures with a specific design theme or color can help people identify with your brand. For instance, you can use pink or black and white themed photos.


The text that you use in your brand is also part of your visual identity. Most brands choose two to three fonts inspired by the logo for basic everyday use.

When you are not sure what font to use, select an understated font that is less likely to detract from your message. Your font choice should complement your brand but still be current and professional.

Bottom line

 It is worth spending money on branding graphic design. Branding will draw clients to you. With a clear vision of your brand, you know exactly what colors, fonts, and images to use when developing social media content.  This will allow you to create consistent works that viewers will remember.

To get a social media calendar that is reflective of your brand, contact lettersbyreesi.

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